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Grilles are decorative ending of the air outlets on the fireplace cladding, as well as ventilation or air-heating ducts. Maximum working temperature: 180o C. Application only inside buildings.

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Unikalny design

Unique design

Something more than just a fireplace decoration... a definition of style for the entire space.

Unikalny design

Crafted manually

Precision in every detail, so you can be sure you’re getting a high end product.

Unikalny design

Robust construction

Massive, solid construction - assures durability for years.

Unikalny design

Wide range of accessories

Wide variety of compatible masking plates, cassettes and levelling frames.

Available versions

Grille with solid jalousie

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Grilles are made of mild steel powder coated. Some versions are made of acid-resistant sheets.
Standard colors are black and white.
Available in various sizes.
Grilles are equipped with mounting frame (with the exception of V-OPEN model).

Versions: Max. working temperature: Usage: Material i color: Drawings
Grille with solid jalousie 180o C – fireplace claddings
– hot air distribution outlets
– only inside buildings
– mild steel sheet powder coated
– colors: white matt, black matt
Face outer dimensions
AzxBz [mm]
Active cross-section [cm2 ]
198×68 29
178×118 62
168×143 72
218×143 97
198×193 122
303×143 140
303×168 168
428×143 202
428×193 283
428×213 324
Technical drawing